Where Culture and Community Rejoice

The Italian American Cultural Society was established in 1957 by a small group of dedicated visionaries. They dreamed of developing a meeting place where Italian Americans could gather to preserve their traditions, values, and customs. These concerned few planned a community-oriented structure in which to develop cultural programs and educational services attuned to enhancing the lifestyles of all Italian Americans, indeed the entire community. The IACS became a tax-exempt foundation in 1962.Our Italian culture abounds in a rich heritage: from our earliest ancestry in and around the ancient hills of Rome, through the building and restructuring of the Renaissance Period, to the evolution of the modern world in our land across the sea and in America, our new home, land of our hopes and dreams. We are the guardians and protectors of this culture. We are today’s Italian Americans, a creative and productive people, filled with the life and energy that exemplify vibrant and deep-rooted traditions, nourished and preserved over the years, which are our legacy today.


Our Mission

  • To plan, promote and carry on charitable, educational, and cultural activities, which serve the welfare of the community.
  • To preserve traditional Italian culture by sponsoring lectures, classes, conferences and study groups devoted to contributions made to the world by Italians.
  • To compassionately counsel and assist indigent persons dealing with personal, family, or community problems by direct services or referral to appropriate agencies.
  • To carry on human relation activities on a charitable basis for the purposes of eliminating bias, prejudice, or discrimination affecting all Americans.

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